The team of ILS teachers


Преподаватели международной языковой школы ILS International Language School:

Marko Milenkovic
Robert Hajdu
Алексей Абрамов

Favorite profession, the purpose of my choice!

As a new arrival into the organization, I aim to bring in some new ideas and approaches, with an overall goal of improving the knowledge and understanding of the English language of all the students that come my way. Due to my past experience as a teaching professional, and a degree dedicated to English literature and ESL teaching, I believe that I can truly make a difference. And as an added bonus, the beautiful Russian capital is here to both inspire and motivate me, and I am thrilled to have this amazing opportunity to explore it.

До прихода в ILS я несколько лет играл в театре. И сейчас, получив педагогическое образование и став преподавателем, я все больше убеждаюсь, что каждое мое занятие - это самый настоящий интерактивный спектакль. В ходе этого представления я пытаюсь вовлечь своих учеников в языковую среду, учу их получать удовольствие от изучения иностранного языка. И могу с уверенностью заявить - видеть успехи своих студентов гораздо приятнее, чем слышать аплодисменты зрителя.

I lived in 5 countries (Hungary, Mexico, Germany, Finland, Kyrgyzstan) on 3 continents in the past 10 years and I gained a lot of international experience in business and education areas. It also enables me to communicate effectively with people from very different backgrounds.
Due to personal reasons I am moving to Moscow in January 2016 to stay permanently. Whether I am a leading others or I am led by someone who inspires me, I always look for opportunities where I can contribute to something great.